Sign Cone

Warning signs that fold into free-standing safety cones - no tools necessary





 An age-old problem
    Small warning signs that we typically use at home or on the job have always had one fundamental flaw - they have to be attached to something in order to serve any useful purpose. More often than not there is nothing available to attach your sign to, leaving you no other choice but to put it in the next best place or not post it at all. Take the "Wet Paint" sign. Who wants to paint a wall and then attach a warning sign to it while wet?

 Sign Cone                     

 A simple solution
   This problem can be a thing of the past by switching to Sign Cone. Made from corrugated cardboard with vertical flutes for maximum strength, the clever patented design allows you to erect your sign into the shape of a cone in just seconds without the use of any tools - please click ERECTING for details. Now you can finally put your warning or message exactly where you want them to go.

Unlimited number of messages, slogans and warnings to choose from which include...

Sign Cone Sign Cone Sign ConeSign ConeSign ConeSign Cone

Help Wanted
Keep Out
Wet Floor
Employees Only
Area Closed
No Parking
No Smoking
Take a number

Background information
   I am a retired paving contractor who serviced greater Vancouver B.C. Canada for many years as a specialist in small paving jobs under the name Alley Cat Paving. I invented Sign Cone because I needed an inexpensive and effective way of cordoning off jobs for my customers. Freshly completed asphalt always needs time to harden, but leaving my rubber/plastic cones behind was never a good option. They are expensive to replace and retrieving them at a later date was inconvenient and time consuming. Since there was nothing even close to what I wanted on the market, I decided to make my own disposable cone from scratch. As the material, my decision was to go with cardboard, one of the worlds most biodegrdable products. Each year, millions of rubber and plastic cones end up in landfills around the world, leaching poisonous toxins into our water supply. We will never be able to completely eliminate the use of rubber and toxic cones, but we sure can make a difference by using Sign Cone.

An effective advertising tool
   I have often referred to Sign Cone as my "big business card". The 4-sided design gives you plenty of room to leave your contact details behind.

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