Sign Cone
A little bit Sign and a little bit Cone
An eco-friendly alternative to plastic and rubber
Made completely from die-cut corrugated cardboard

Unique printing opportunity
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Sign Cone
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The clever 4 sided design allows plenty of room to print a wide variety of  warnings and advertising

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Simple and multipurpose

It has often been said that the most successful inventions are the simplest. I am the inventor of "Sign Cone", a very simple patented product that has the right stuff to become a recognized brand both nationally and internationally. Basically, Sign Cone is a cross between a small sign and a fully functioning cone made completely from corrugated cardboard. They are easy to erect and no tools are needed. Typically, small warning signs have one fundamental flaw - they need to be attached to something in order to become useful. A good example is paint. Who likes to paint a wall and then attach a "Wet Paint" sign to it? Take back control and start putting your messages or warnings exactly where they need to go - not the next best place.

sign cone
Sign Cone
Sign Cone disposable
Use indoors or outdoors
 I am a retired paving contractor from New Westminster B.C. Canada (Vancouver) who invented Sign Cone for use in my paving business (Alley Cat Paving) as a disposable cone to leave behind for my many customers. As a small paving jobs specialist, I needed to cordon off each and every completed job for a few days, but unfortunately there was  usually nothing available to cordon properly. I had barricade tape, but there was often nothing to secure the tape to. Rubber and plastic cones are expensive to replace and  retrieving them at a later date was both time consuming and costly. I knew that there had to be a better way, so I decided to design and build my own disposable cones. After a bit of tweaking, I came up with the perfect design for a disposable cone. The built in cavity allows plenty of room for adding anchor weight such as soil, sand, asphalt or just about anything when used outdoors. I print a warning on one side and my web site ( on the other - that still leaves two smaller sides. Because of their inexpensive cost to produce, I am able to leave them complimentary for my paying customers. I am rewarded many times over by landing new jobs in the neighbourhood. In fact, Sign Cone has become one of my most cost effective means of advertising.

   Sign Cone Sign Cone | Sign Cone |

Sign Cone
Sign Cone |
Sign Cone
Sign Cone |

Residential * Commercial * Industrial
Cardboard just happens to print beautifully and there are a number of corrugated printing options available to choose from including screen printing, flexography (direct printing), litho lamination and digital printing. The unique 4-sided design allows plenty of room to print a wide variety of messages, warnings, company logo, eco-statement, contact information and much more. In fact, Sign Cone is a very cost-effective advertising tool.

Help Wanted
Keep Out
Wet Floor
Area Closed
No Parking
No Smoking
Take A Number
Garage Sale
For Rent
House For Sale
Wet Paint
Fresh Paving
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Sign Cone
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