Sign Cone
 Eco-friendly cones made from die-cut corrugated cardboard
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Sign Cone
 Use at home or at work

 I am the inventor of "Sign Cone", a cross between a sign and a warning cone made completely from corrugated cardboard. The unique 4-sided design provides plenty of room to print a selection of warnings, contact information and advertising. Not only are Sign Cone useful at home or on the job, they are cleverly designed with a number of cool features that include.........

Sign Cone |
Sign Cone
Sign Cone |
Sign Cone

A perfect disposable cone

Sign Cone

I am a retired paving contractor from New Westminster B.C. Canada (Vancouver) who invented Sign Cone for use in my paving business as a disposable cone to leave behind for my many customers. As a small paving jobs specialist, I needed to cordon off each and every completed job for a few days, but unfortunately there was usually nothing available to use. Rubber and plastic cones are expensive to replace and retrieving them at a later date was both time consuming and costly. I knew that there had to be a better way, so I decided to design and build my own disposable cone. My requirements were that they had to be professional looking, biodegradable, inexpensive to make, easy to set-up and easy to store. After a little tweaking, I came up with a cone perfect for the job. Since cardboard prints beautifully, I am able to leave my phone number and website address behind for everyone to see - especially the nosey neighbours. I have often referred to Sign Cone as my "big business card" since they soon became one of my most cost-effective way of attracting new customers. It soon became obvious from customer feedback that there was a widespread market for my invention using an array of household and commercial messages such as............

Help Wanted
Keep Out
Wet Floor
No Parking
No Smoking
Employees Only
Take A Number
Garage Sale
For Rent
House For Sale
Wet Paint
Fresh Paving
For Sale

 Flea Market Vendors
Sign Cone is not available in stores. Rather, Sign Cone is sold exclusvely at flea markets across Canada. If you are interested in becoming a wholesaler of Sign Cone in your area, please give me a shout and I will confirm pricing and availability.

U.S.A. inquiries

Sign Cone is currently unavailable in the U.S.A. If you are interested in bringing Sign Cone to the USA, I would be happy to talk to you about a license agreement for all or part of the country.

sign cone
Sign Cone
Sign Cone |
Sign Cone disposable

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