Sign Cone

                           A cross between a warning sign and a safety cone * Handy for use at home or on the job

                         Can be used indoors or outdoors * Disposable * Eco-friendly * Inexpensive * Professional looking

                   Patented Design - click for IP details

Earth Cone
Earth Cone    

Earth Cone

Earth Cone

Take back control and put your signs where they need to be seen

A simple solution to a very old problem
   Many of us can relate to an annoying problem encountered at both home and at work. We want to post a small warning sign or message in a certain area for a short period of time, but more often than not, there is no suitable place to hang it from. A good example is the "Wet Paint" sign. Who wants to paint a wall and then attach a sign to it? Rubber and plastic cones have their purpose, but they are not able to post a clear message because of their design. The bottom line is that all small signs have a fundamental flaw in that they need something to hang from. Say goodbye to that problem once and for all by adopting the use of Sign Cone; a hybrid between a warning sign and a free-standing safety cone made completely from die-cut cardboard. The patented 4-sided shape allows printing that is visible from four different angles. Not only do they display an array of messages, warnings and even hand written notes, they are a great way of advertising for new clients and product branding.  

Erect in seconds without the use of any tools

    Simply fold Sign Cone into shape using the pre-scored fold lines. Make sure the two insertion slots are opened wide by using your fingers. You then push the two locking tabs all the way through the two corresponding insertion slots with your thumb. Once they are pushed all the way through, they are locked in place and ready for use. The tops are designed to come together automatically, although when used outside, it does not hurt to put a single staple near the top to maximize longevity.

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   Sign Cone are made from corrugated cardboard that utilize vertical flutes for maximum strength and rigidity. They are cleverly designed with a base cavity for adding anchor weight when used outside. Sign Cone is ideal for use as a disposable cone, thanks to inexpensive manufacturing costs and biodegradable properties. Each year, millions of toxic rubber and plastic cones end up in landfills around the world, leaching poisonous toxins into our water supply. We will probably never be able to rid the Earth of rubber or plastic, but we can at least makea difference by using Sign Cone when a cardboard cone is good enough.

Compact storage
   Sign Cone is very easy to store, thanks to the their compact size and design. The opening at the top acts as a ribbon hole and also  as a means of hanging them during storage (the below photo on the right has about 20).

Background information

   I invented Sign Cone as a disposable cone to use in my asphalt paving business serving greater Vancouver B.C. Canada called Alley Cat Paving. As a contractor, I knew exactly what I wanted and and set out to design/create a product that suited my needs. It had to be inexpensive to purchase, easy to store, easy to set-up, biodegradable, professional looking, able to become anchored outside and best of all, a really cheap advertising tool. I refer to them as my "big business card". My paving customers overwhelmingly think they are a fantastic product and forsee plenty of potential for use in many other applications at home and at work.



    As an owner of Intellectual Property, I have the right to license others to use my property in exchange for royalties. If you would like to have the right to adopt the use of my design in your business, please get in Contact and I would be happy to answer any questions.

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