Sign Cone
 Warning signs that fold into fully functioning cones - unique patented design
An eco-friendly alternative to always using rubber and plastic
Made completely from die-cut corrugated cardboard
Erect in just seconds without tools

Solving an age-old problem
   Small warning signs have always had one fundamental problem - where do you hang them from? Often, the best place to hang a sign is also the worst place or is unavailable to hang anything. Take the "Wet Paint"sign - who wants to paint a wall and then attach a sign to it? That problem can be solved once and for all by adopting the use of Sign Cone. Sign Cone comes with a choice of messages and warnings and is handy for use at home or at work. Start putting your warnings where you want them - not the next best place!

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Sign Cone |
Sign Cone
Sign Cone
Sign Cone |
sign cone

History of Sign Cone

    I am a retired paving contractor from New Westminster B.C. Canada called  Alley Cat Paving who invented Sign Cone for use in my paving business as a disposable cone to leave behind for my many customers. As a small paving jobs specialist, I needed to cordon off each and every completed job for a few days, but unfortunately there was usually nothing available to use. Rubber and plastic cones are expensive to replace and retrieving them at a later date was both time consuming and costly. I knew that there had to be a better way, so I decided to design and build my own disposable cone. My requirements were that they had to be professional looking, biodegradable, inexpensive to make, easy to set-up and easy to store. After a little tweaking, I came up with a cone perfect for the job. Feedback from consumers has told me that a much larger market exists for Sign Cone, using an array messages and warnings such as..........

Help Wanted
Keep Out
Wet Floor
No Parking
No Smoking
Employees Only
Take A Number
Garage Sale
For Rent
House For Sale
Wet Paint
Fresh Paving
For Sale

Convenient storage
   Sign Cone is designed with holes cut out near the top to make it easy to store until needed and also to insert barricade ribbon when needed.
SignCone - hanging  Sign Cone - ribbon hole

Vertical flutes for maximum strength
   Sign Cone is made completely from corrugated cardboard, which basically is the stiff, fluted paper. Flutes are what gives corrugated cardboard it's added strength. To prevent them from bending in the wind, Sign Cone maximizes it's strength by orientating the flutes vertically, as opposed to horizontal.

Sign Cone - disposable cardboard cones

Anchor cavity
   Sign Cone can be used indoors or outdoors. When used outside, a built-in anchor cavity allows plenty of room to add weight protection against the wind.

Sign Cone |  Sign Cone |

Disposable and biodegradable

Sign Cone |

   Sign Cone is made from cardboard, which is one of the most re-cycled materials on Earth. Each year, millions of rubber and plastic cones end up in landfills, leaching poisonous toxins into our water tables. On the flip side, Sign Cone can be re-cycled over and over and if it ever does reach landfills will not harm the environment. The use of Sign Cone will help in the world effort to re-cycle and cut down fewer trees. We will never be able to completely eliminate the use of rubber and plastic cones, but we can make a difference by choosing Eco-friendly Sign Cone when a cardboard cone is good enough.

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